Our Plans

We offer three different plans on a retainer basis for our clients. These plans differ based on the scope of legal work and the period allocated in those services per plan.

Individual + Family Plans

Plan Summary

You Chat/Speak to our lawyer on an unlimited number of personal legal issues.

Our lawyers can make calls and write letters on your behalf to help solve legal problems. 

Our lawyers can review your contracts, draft documents/contracts, wills, power of attorney- negotiate on any of your legal disputes and mediate on those legal disputes.     

Our lawyers can defend your legal disputes which are from any written agreement and institutes legal proceedings on your behalf. 

Business Plan

Plan Summary

Business Legal Advice.

Legal help for protecting start-ups business and growing your business.

Online/Skype/WhatsApp and Telephone Legal support.

Speak with our lawyers on an unlimited number of business Legal issues.

One hour of Legal research on each matter is included at no additional charge.

Our Lawyers can make phone calls or write letters on your behalf.

Debt collection letters are included at no additional charge.

Have our lawyers review documents and draft contracts/documents for your business.

Legal forms are included at no additional charge.

Get Risk and Compliance Assessment for your business.

We Negotiate and Mediate on your Legal matters.