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About Spuris Law

From the directors considerable experience in the legal field, Dr Nzumbululo Silas Siphuma and Lutendo Siphuma, both noticed how often time, resources and opportunities were not being used to the best legal abilities – and how often many legal matters / cases where taken to court without having resorted to alternative dispute resolutions procedures and mechanism to try settle or resolve matters that could have been resolved by this processes and leading to clients incurring exorbitant legal costs. So, they decided to pool their resources, their networks, and their extensive expertise together to launch this much-needed professional service

Why Choose Us

We are a 100% black owned -multi-service, specialist, diverse and dynamic niche legal company offering a wide range of legal services to businesses and private individuals in South Africa. We take pride on using technology to easily communicate with our clients and making legal services easily accessible to all.

Wherever life takes you, we’ll be there!.
Everyone needs a little certainty sometimes and hence we are your legal security.
The high standards of our personalised client care form an important part of our business.
Our clients are private individuals + families and businesses who require advice and representation in various fields of law.

We work towards achieving solutions on the most complex matters tailored specifically to your requests.

The fees we charge for our legal services are not only competitive but also include dedicated time and expertise on a one to one basis.

Our Team

Lutendo Siphuma

Lutendo Siphuma


Lutendo completed his LL.B. degree at the University of Limpopo with distinctions. He after that relocated to Cape Town and completed post-graduate courses at the University of Cape Town specialising in Intellectual Property Law, Company Law, Corporate governance, Labour Law, Competition Law, and Contract Law. While studying at the University of Cape Town, Lutendo attended Law School at the said University and worked as a Legal advisor at one of the best Legal Insurance Companies in South Africa.

He was trained at a well-known and respected firm specialising in Personal Injury Law in Cape Town CBD, where he became very much exposed to Magistrate Court and High Court litigation. He worked on a couple of landmark cases that made it to the press during his training. He is used to working in high-pressure situations and to tight deadlines.

 Lutendo puts the client first and takes a commercial and pragmatic approach to all that he does. He is excellent at building strong relationships with clients, and he works closely with his clients – businesses, institutions, and private individuals – to provide clarity about the strength of their legal position and to devise a strategy that is focused on taking back control and achieving their objectives.

Often, Lutendo becomes involved at the pre-litigation stage, providing strategic advice to ensure that his clients are in the best possible position in the event that they need to issue, or respond to, legal proceedings. He also supports clients through informal dispute resolution processes and in the negotiation and mediation strategies.

Gudani Evans Nephiphidi

Gudani Evans Nephiphidi

Brand strategist

Gudani holds Business Strategic Management degree from Varsity College. He started his career when he was a student by working for one of the leading promotions companies in Pretoria. He worked closely with brand managers, marketing specialists, and social media managers assisting them to develop methods to enhance brand visibility and market share.  It was this time that Gudani fell in love with being the brain behind businesses branding. 

After obtaining his degree, he relocated to Cape Town where he worked in a property management company for a couple of years. Gudani’s role balances creative, analytical, and strategic thinking in our business. He assists our business with rigorous analysis and market research to understand customer behavior and brand awareness to our clients.

Gudani believes that brand strategists must deliver ideas and concepts that set their clients apart from competitors, creating a strong position for market growth and recognition across various media channels. He spends a significant amount of time conducting research on clients’ current marketing strategies, customer profile, and market share to develop a strong sense of strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to improve our brand positioning.

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